Mission and Philosophy

Oak Farm’s mission is to “provide a Montessori environment that inspires children to reach their potential through meaningful work”. We believe that Oak Farm Montessori School is more than its physical classrooms; our school is like an extended family. Children are respected and empowered as individual human beings, and learn to be contributing members of society in the positive and supportive social and emotional environments the Oak Farm community provides. At Oak Farm Montessori School we focus on a curriculum rich with fellow-student and teacher interaction, refining the students’ learning and critical thinking abilities. We avoid extrinsic rewards and reinforce the value of learning from and with peers. Oak Farm offers a hands-on interactive program that creates a more optimal environment for beneficial experiences resulting in a higher form of education. Click to read our Founder’s Letter.

Oak Farm Montessori School stands apart from other schools with our outstanding Montessori curriculum and classrooms led by our distinguished faculty. Oak Farm Montessori School engages and nurtures a diverse student body in a nature-centered, value-oriented educational environment that prepares students for life. We offer sport programs in co-ed soccer, track and field, cross country, and golf, and boys basketball. If you are looking for an environment that is academically challenging, has a caring parent and faculty community, and embraces Maria Montessori’s philosophy, Oak Farm is the place for you and your child. To schedule a tour, please email Krissy at




We are professionals working together to provide a warm, loving, and nurturing environment for children. The impact is significant on our students’ ability to learn, grow, create, develop, and relate peacefully and respectfully to other people and to the natural world. We work to achieve inner and global peace through our own daily experiences, and are committed to being role models of kindness, courtesy, respect, and of reverence for the earth and all living things.

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