Middle School Program

Young Adults 12 to 15 Years Old

Students are given the unique opportunity to prepare an environment for themselves. The land-based Montessori middle school gives adolescents what they need most — the space from which they are invited to create their own identity. They now use the “freedom through discipline” that they have learned through all the other Montessori levels to begin to understand themselves. With the land as their classroom they begin to ask the questions of themselves, “What can I do? What are my strengths? What is my place in adult society?”

Here, in addition to their regular academic subjects, they are given many choices: Shall I plant a garden? Shall I raise livestock? Shall I run a bed-and-breakfast business? Shall I bake bread? Prepare dinners? Write? Dance? Design interiors? Manage a store or a food market? With adult encouragement and guidance and aided by the knowledge they’ve learned in their academic classes, they are allowed to choose many different activities during this time of self-exploration.

No matter what a student’s skill level, academic level, or achievement level they, along with their peers and their teachers, learn the ability and the right to share their talents, their enthusiasm, and their compassion with the world. When this occurs, the goal of valorization has been achieved.

During a period of rapid physical growth students utilize newly developing intellectual abilities to predict, and create social needs and construct themselves as responsible individuals who participate as contributing members of society.