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Welcome to an all-new high school created to prepare adolescents for life’s opportunities. Here at Oak Farm, we educate young people in accordance with the Montessori principles of purposeful work, respectful community, personal self-expression and practical life skills, to name just a few. Our unique 9th grade curriculum challenges each student to explore their world, think creatively and achieve independence. We believe that when the purpose of study is to participate fully in one’s community and help move it toward the future, adolescents have motivation for gaining expertise and truly working toward their own futures. Simply put, hands-on learning that impacts the community is the work an older adolescent is poised to do.


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Our one of a kind school integrates exploration, discovery, creativity, innovation and technology in all courses of study. The high school provides teenagers opportunities to use their talents to impact and engage with society in powerful ways through Environmental and Social Impact Projects.


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Program Features

InnoLab- Build What You Dream The InnoLab is a space where creativity, design and innovation intersect. Students will flow into the lab several times each day as they work on hands on projects that are integrated into academic subjects, self-studies and creative expression. The guiding principle of the InnoLab is to foster creative design and engineering led by ideas generated by students who strive to impact real world problems.

The lab is equipped with modern and cutting edge maker materials and machines such as:

  •         CO2 laser cutter
  •         3D printer
  •         Vinyl cutter
  •         brand new computer stations equipped specifically for digital design

Passion and Possibilities Projects Students focus on long-term community projects, moving outside the walls of the school and engaging with the community. These two two-year immersions are an integral part of the curriculum.

Our vintage bicycle repair shop and renovation shop business provides an opportunity for meaningful work in the community under the guidance of a business teacher. Freshman and Sophomores have an opportunity to work in the bike shop while they study business aspects in detail, including economics, sales, bookkeeping, marketing, and bike mechanics.  Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to take on managerial roles in the shop, or to develop their own business projects with specialists.

Twice a year, students participate in immersion studies lasting one to two weeks. In the fall, the study topics are mandatory, based on grade level; and in the spring, students may choose from a list of creative offerings. Many will involve travel, whether to nearby locations or foreign countries.

Course of Study

The focus of the program is on developing relevant life skills so that students will graduate poised to be successful in whatever endeavor they choose. Courses fall into three categories: Self Expression, Academic Development and Preparation for Adult Life. From creative writing to language studies and integrated sciences, an emphasis on exploration, entrepreneurship and use of hands-on technologies is a common thread that runs through all three categories.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to set your teenager on a path that prepares them to be successful in today’s world and meet tomorrow’s challenges.


Contact Admissions Director Krissy Mulholland at 260-897-4270 ext 1600 or e-mail to learn more and set up a tour.