All faculty at Oak Farm Montessori School are highly trained and professional.  Each Lead Teacher is Montessori credentialed at his/her level.  The vast majority of faculty hold Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees.   It is also our standard that all faculty participate regularly in professional development.

To email a faculty member please select a name from the list below:


Head of School – Megan O’Sullivan mosullivan@oakfarmschool.com

Chief Financial Officer – Lauren Moyer lmoyer@oakfarmschool.com

Human Resource Officer– Allena Knepper aknepper@oakfarmschool.com

Director of Student Services – Brenda Huth bhuth@oakfarmschool.com

Director of Admissions – Krissy Mulholland  kmulholland@oakfarmschool.com

Accounting & Purchasing Manager – Kelly Elias kelias@oakfarmschool.com

Community Relations Liaisons– Nikole Albright nalbright@oakfarmschool.com and Nicole Lowe nlowe@oakfarmschool.com

Office Administrator – Abby Miller amiller@oakfarmschool.com

Property Manager – Ben Bollinger bbollinger@oakfarmschool.com

Creative Media/Vic House Support – Bonnie Fortune Bloom bonniebloom@oakfarmschool.com


Infant Lead Teacher – Jeni Ekovich jekovich@oakfarmschool.com

Infant Assistant Teacher – Ashley Knudson aknudson@oakfarmschool.com

T1 Lead Teacher – Nefy Hathaway nehathaway@oakfarmschool.com

T1 Assistant Teacher – Brittani Russell brussell@oakfarmschool.com

T2  Lead Teacher – Candy Slabaugh cslabaugh@oakfarmschool.com

T2 Teacher – Angie Black ablack@oakfarmschool.com

T2 Teacher – Tracy Reincke treincke@oakfarmschool.com

Discovering Me – Lori Zacharias lzacharias@oakfarmschool.com

Primary (3 – 6 years)

P1 Lead Teacher – Tia Matney tmatney@oakfarmschool.com

P1 Assistant Teacher – Jenna Hennick jhennick@oakfarmschool.com

P2 Lead Teacher – Ashley Buckles abuckles@oakfarmschool.com

P2 Assistant Teacher – Abby Minich aminich@oakfarmschool.com

P3 Lead Teacher – Elizabeth Green egreen@oakfarmschool.com

P3 Teacher – Lisa Collins lcollins@oakfarmschool.com

P4 Lead Teacher – Jodi Lambert jlambert@oakfarmschool.com

P4 Assistant Teacher – Diana McCreery dmccreery@oakfarmschool.com

Primary Outdoor Specialist – Sandy Knox sknox@oakfarmschool.com

Lower Elementary (6 – 9 years)

LE1 Lead Teacher – Suzy Ulmer sulmer@oakfarmschool.com

LE1 Teacher – Michal Miller mmiller@oakfarmschool.com

LE2 Lead Teacher – Debbie Kovets dkovets@oakfarmschool.com

LE2 Assistant Teacher – Ines Oldenburg ioldenburg@oakfarmschool.com

LE3 Lead Teacher – Meghan Dohring mdohring@oakfarmschool.com

LE3 Teacher – Abby Roughia aroughia@oakfarmschool.com

Upper Elementary (9 – 12 years)

UE1 Lead Teacher – Jamie Worman jworman@oakfarmschool.com

UE1 Assistant Teacher – Kyle Black kblack@oakfarmschool.com

UE2  Lead Teacher – Nancy Bradtmiller nbradtmiller@oakfarmschool.com

UE2 Teacher – Linda Hoffman lhoffman@oakfarmschool.com

UE3 Lead Teacher – Macy McNaughton mmcnaughton@oakfarmschool.com

UE3 Teacher – Sandra Deacon sdeacon@oakfarmschool.com

Middle and High School – Secondary

MS/HS Teacher/Director – Bridget York byork@oakfarmschool.com

MS Teacher – Heather Lemmon hlemmon@oakfarmschool.com

MS Farm Manager – Patrick Cole pcole@oakfarmschool.com

HS Science Teacher – Caleb Tedder ctedder@oakfarmschool.com

MS/HS Business Teacher – Jon Agler jagler@oakfarmschool.com

HS Math Teacher and MS/HS Humanities Teacher – Jenn Jordan jjordan@oakfarmschool.com

Enrichment / Auxiliary Activities

Athletic Director – Donna Wolfe dwolfe@oakfarmschool.com

Art / Innovation and Creative Problem Solving Guide – Heather Miller hmiller@oakfarmschool.com

Art – Hattie Baer hbaer@oakfarmschool.com

Art – Leigha Vandezande lvandezande@oakfarmschool.com

Art – Heather Closson hclosson@oakfarmschool.com

Theater and Dance Teacher – Heather Closson hclosson@oakfarmschool.com

Music – Tricia Weiss tweiss@oakfarmschool.com

Spanish (Infant, Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary) – Flor Ortega fortega@oakfarmschool.com

Spanish (Upper Elementary, Middle School) – Susan Dieli sdieli@oakfarmschool.com

Science Enrichmment  Katie Lautzenhiser klautzenhiser@oakfarmschool.com

Library Specialist – Alex Meyer ameyer@oakfarmschool.com

PE (Elementary, MS, HS) – Zack Housholder zhousholder@oakfarmschool.com

PE (Primary) – Kim Green kgreen@oakfarmschool.com

Reading Interventionist – Lisa Bockelman lbockelman@oakfarmschool.com

Speech Language Pathologist – Sarah Holland sholland@oakfarmschool.com

Ecoliteracy Coordinator – Brett Bloom bbloom@oakfarmschool.com 

School Chef – Jill Hoffelder jhoffelder@oakfarmschool.com

Bus Driver – Gary Leatherman gleatherman@oakfarmschool.com

Bus Driver – Lisa Held lheld@oakfarmschool.com

Bus Driver and Maintenance – Ryan Guiff rguiff@oakfarmschool.com