Ecoliteracy Program

Oak Farm’s vision of a model Montessori school providing a world class education includes a functioning and sustainable rural campus.

The goal of the ecoliteracy project is to expand learning beyond the classrooms and into the greater campus setting of the gardens, woodlands, wetlands, prairies, and conservation corridors

By integrating lessons on healthy living, community, earth education, environmental stewardship, organic gardening, and personal ownership, the ecoliteracy project will enhance the learning of every student.



Lower 1 students with Nola Katisnky Ecoliteracy Project Manager  are helping  to separate the worms and able to make more compost. October 15, 2010

Lower Elementary children are pictured here as they set up worm compost bins for their classrooms.

Primary - walk in the woods

Primary students enjoy walks and exploration in the woods. Everyday new discoveries are made!

Piper & Beckett

Toddlers learn to care for the environment inside and outside the classroom.